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🦥 Old Slow Method: Save Money to Buy Property
🐇 New Acceleration Method: Leverage on Other People’s Resources

🚀 Learn how we Accelerated our Residential Journey (From Low-Income 4rm HDB to Owning 2 Landed Properties in 8 years


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Before I created the Residential Acceleration Framework - I was struggling with property investment myself. 

In 2014, I bought my 1st Condo: City Gate (Dual Key). 

In 2018, after my condo reached 0% Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD), I saw others trying to sell similar condo at $1.6M. I set to sell at $1.68M. 

I waited...and waited...and waited...

In the end, I got myself a deal I never signed up for. I Sold City Gate at $1.52M on Dec 2022​, after 8 years.

I was so fixated on selling the property at $1.68M that I missed out on significant Opportunity Costs Over The Next 4 Years.​
This lead me to questioning everything and eventually turning the entire model upside down, breaking the rules and freeing me from the the old ways.

Why am I hustling so hard now? I am not getting younger. I have dreams of leaving a legacy for my 2 daughters. Property trends suggest it will become harder for our children to own properties in the future. Cost of a 4rm HDB in the CBD may reach S$2M or more in the next 20 years (the age when they start their own families).

Every Singaporean has a chance to buy a Property without ABSD.​ In Proptiply™, we call it having THE GOLDEN TICKET. 

Now with your GOLDEN TICKET, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire roadmap I built by joining our live course and learning the Proptiply™ Residential Acceleration Roadmap.

About Ernee Ong & Jelene Sim

Ernee Ong and Jelene, Co-founders of Proptiply™ and Bespoke Habitat. 
Lead Property Trainers and Property Consultants.

Ernee and Jelene are the co-founders of Proptiply™ and Bespoke Habitat.👫 They are also the Lead Property Trainers and Property Consultants in Proptiply™. 

At the start of their Property Investment journey, they sought investment guidance from many coaches in Singapore and Overseas. 👍👍👍 Their Key Defining Point was attending Money & You with Lead Instructor Dominique Lyone and learning from Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki. 🎯🎯🎯

Over time, Ernee and Jelene honed their investment lens, acumen and strategy. They started to massively accelerate their Property Portfolio and refine their Investment Ethos into Cashflow. OPM. Scale Up. 📈📈📈

Today Ernee and Jelene own 2 Singapore Residential Landed Properties, own 6 Overseas Property, manage over 400+ shared space properties in Singapore. 

Till date, they have helped more than 100+ students on Private Consultation to move forward in their Residential Property Journey. 

Gaining $300,000 to $1,000,000 Profits from Residential Property is becoming a common occurrence in the Proptiply™ Community because of Ernee and Jelene Expertise and Genuine Heart to do the best for the Students. 

They wish to inspire and help more Singaporeans start their hustle in property investing so they can escape the rat race on their own terms. 🤝🤝

Some Of The Results From Our Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training really FREE?
Yes, this is a 100% FREE online class where we share with you the lessons & mistakes we’ve made in our many years of property investing.
We are keeping it FREE because we really want to help more people kickstart their property investing journey in a safe and responsible manner so that they can realize their dreams without recklessly risking their hard earned money!

However, seats are limited because of the software capacity, so you will need to register to secure your slot.
Who is this for?
This is for any Singaporean wanting to accelerate their Residential Property Journey to a landed property. If you believe real estate is the strongest asset class in Singapore, then this method will work for you.
What is the Residential Acceleration Framework?
The Residential Acceleration Framework gives you your very own residential roadmap to speed up your property journey by 11X to your own landed property. We are not teaching you methods that will take up more of your time. We want to speed up your journey with our framework.
Do you offer more in depth help?
Lucky for you, that is something you will receive during the session. Ernee and his coaches can answer any questions you may have. 
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